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Why is Half Pint Shop Accepting Bitcoin?

You may have seen Bitcoin - the world's largest decentralized digital currency in the news lately.  While it is likely early for cryptocurrency to be adoped widely for e-commerece transactions, we believe that digital currency may become more common for online transactions in the future.

We like to trial new features and offerings in our store and this will allow us to be prepared when the digital currency markets stabilize.

See the news story featuring our store on CBS Chicago.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin transactions are extremely secure as they are validated by many parties vs single payment processors.  Any security incidents with Bitcoin have primarily been related to storing Bitcoin assets in insecure locations.  We recommend coinbase if you are looking for a secure place to keep your Bitcoin assets.

I don't want to use Bitcoin, how does this impact my PayPal or credit card transaction?

Your PayPal and credit card transactions with Half Pint Shop are encrypted and very secure as they have always been.  No change has been made with these methods, for which we use PayPal and Stripe - two very widely adopted payment processors.